Sales Training

  • For new & experienced sales persons
  • Give your team the foundation to produce extraordinary sales results
  • Practical sales skills & strategies
  • Fully customized to your business
  • Experiential learning – We show, not just tell
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Empower Your Sales Force

We all need sales, without sales there’s no company. Your sales force is one of, if not the most important wheel to the organization. They gain and earn confidence with your customers and help build credibility with clients. Having a strong sales team who is confident and proficient ensures profits never drop, and with Encore you’ll get just that.

We’ll help individual sales representatives all the way to your sales managers, teaching them use their own emotional intelligence for understanding buyer’s motives, and how to identify quality prospected clients. Your sales managers will gain knowledge in how to maintain work flow and productivity by using motivational techniques that are clear and constructive.

Encore gives your sales team the upper-hand in understanding the characteristics of today’s more complex sales preparing them for hidden factors, cold calling, and overcoming the most common objections. Encore will help develop vital traits for successful sales people and help advise on key closing techniques. Your team will be able to overcome the competition with advanced consultative processes differentiating you from your competitor.

We’ll demonstrate how emotional intelligence can provide a solid game plan to develop leads from cold calling, and grab the attention of your prospective clients. With us you’ll get the keys to getting past the gate keeper, the know-how of closing sales, making negotiations and accomplishing what every company wants, better profits.

Customized Sales Training
Systematic Selling
Advanced Consultative Selling
Breakthrough Sales Management
9-Step Selling Model
Time Management in Sales
Understanding your Customers
High Performance Sales Team
Negotiating the Sale
Sales Prospecting
Cold Calling
The Decision Making Process
Dealing with Price Resistance
Key Closing Techniques
Total Expression: Sales Professionals
Employee Branding
Differentiate Yourself
Sales Presentation Skills

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